Retro Baits Boilies 1kg Bags Shelf Life (Choice Of Size & Flavour)

Retro Baits firmly believe in achieving a balanced nutritional profile in all their bait! Combining this with an irresistible taste and texture package, Retro Baits boilies are a nutritional food source that will keep the carp coming back for more time after time and they have no doubt that any of their boilie range can improve your catch rates, regardless of experience.


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Meaty Garlic

This is a grade A food source bait with a smell and taste of its own "a kind of garlicy cooked meat". Made from top grade and very well balanced liquid attractors, powdered stimulants and palatants with no expense spared. The bait also has oyster shell in it for that all important crunch that all carp love. It works straight from the off every where i've been, but was created as a reliable food source 4 or 5 years ago and is our biggest seller in spring, summer and autumn. Because of the powdered palatants and stimulators, it will taste the same after being in water for several days before naturally braking down, so ideal for baiting a food source. Plus the NV value is very well balanced to suit the full diet they need making them less likley to source other natural foods to make up there diet.


Squid N Octopus

This boilie has been in development for the last 18 month. Its an old skool classic that has been brought up to date with the best ingredients on todays market. With the old skool Squid n Octopus flavour that everyone will recognise, its a fish meal bait packed with max inclusion of the best fish meal on the market (LT94) at 50%, Also "Haiths" original robin red at max inclusion of 20% plus a lot more and some of the finest natural extracts and feeding triggers on todays market.... One of our best to date!



Nutty Narna

This bait is packed with different forms of peanuts. This includes an awesome peanut extract liquid and dry roasted peanut powder with a hint of Banana palatant. Its a very smooth tasting bait with an awesome crunchy texture and it has a very high protein content due to the amount of nuts included in its production.

Also it is the safest way of using peanuts in your fishing, its100% fish friendly and very safe to use in large quantities. Its a sure fire winner as peanuts are one of the best carp attractors ever used.


Essential 5

This is an extremely productive all year round attractor bait, ideal for Quick Hit Day Ticket Carping when you're not there to feed them but catch them!

Also a very good Winter bait with every ingredient selected to produce results in very cold water conditions.

Included are 5 different essential fruits that have a very smooth sweet smell and taste when mixed at the correct ratio. This bait can be used in a very high quantity as well as an instant attractor bait due to the palatability of the ingredients used. Many big fish to over 40lb have been caught on this throughout its testing period, followed up by lots of 20's and 30's. Its another bait that smells and tastes good enough to eat.


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