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  • Ridgemonkey Vault Powerpack Charger

    The Ridgemonkey Vault is a device that will allow the user to charge anything from mobile phones, tablets and cameras right the way through to powering a laptop or DVD player.

    As if that wasn’t enough, simultaneous use of both 12v and 5v outputs is also possible, leading to a truly versatile experience. It boasts a huge capacity, enough to provide an iPhone 5S with up to 20 full charges or run a 100w hunting lamp for in excess of 2 hours.

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  • Power Solve Portable USB Rechargable Power Pack

    The Mega20 High Power Metal Cased Power Bank is a unique tough and rugged portable charging device that gives you 9 – 10 full charges on a typical smart phone. Featuring a powerful 20,800 mAh Lithium battery, 2x USB outputs. Comes complete with camo carry case and USB to micro USB cable with mating connectors for most devices. iPhones can be charged via their own standard charging cable.

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  • WaterHog Biomass Stove

    The Waterhog Biomass stove is the 21st century camp fire,

    With its built in fan it achieves maximum heat from minimum fuel input making it a great choice over conventional gas stoves, will burn an array of materials from biomass pellet, wood chip, twigs and sticks and even pine cones.

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  • WaterHog Illuminator Rechargeable Bivvy Light

    The Waterhog Illuminator waterproof bivvy light will certainly illuminate up those dark nights on the bank. It features a twin colour LED with multiple brightness settings and a massive 5200mah of rechargeable lithium power so it can be used as a power bank that will charge a smartphone up to 3 times.

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  • WaterHog Illuminator Bivvy Bracket

    The Waterhog Illuminator Bivvy Bracket is an ingenious little bit of kit enabling you to mount the Illuminater to your Bivvy or outside on a bank stick.

    The bracket rotates 360 degrees ensuring you get light right were you need it and also has a quick release function allowing fast removal.

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  • Fox Halo Power Multi Light

    This Fox Halo Power Multi Light is fantastic for all manners of different fishing situations; whether it is providing ample lighting to take a picture of your catch at night, to illuminate your bivvy or to just charge your phone.

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  • Fox Halo Power Light

    Not just your typical bivvy lamp, this Fox Halo Power Light features a handy USB charging cable which is supplied as standard so that you can charge your phone whilst waiting for a take! Featuring a magnetic base and a carabiner hanging loop to attach to your bivvy however you prefer.

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