River Classic 2017

River Classic 2016

Welcome to the Shrewsbury Classic River Festival 2017. After a fantastic festival last year, this year’s festival will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the 10th, 11th and 12th of October 2017. The festival will be run on the same format as last year. I have decided to increase the entry from 60 to 72 due to the high demand last year. The prize money will therefore increase alongside this (see competition rules). To make things easier on the day I want to collect the parking fees with the entry money. The parking fees will again allow you to park behind your pegs in the quarry and also in an area near the boat ramp in the county ground.

As you may have read in last year’s festival and open match reports the fish stocks have dramatically increased and produced record breaking results. I am hoping this will reflect strongly in the results this year. 

I am pleased to say that Shrewsbury Council has helped a great deal by clearing some of the pegs that were in need of a lot of work to bring them back into the fold. Thank you for your help. 

The Festival will be in Association with The Shropshire Anglers Federation and Total Angling. I have approached Tackle Companies again to support the event and all the companies I have asked, Matrix, Preston Innovations, Sonu Baits, Map, Garbolino, Shakespeare (Pure Fishing), Sensas, Daiwa , Drennan, Maver, Browning and Dinsmores,  have all fantastically agreed to do so. I would like to thank them now for their support. Without these companies we simply would not have some of the finest tackle available on the market today.

Anglers will be able to book their place for the event, which will be first come first served, from the 2nd of May. Anglers who took part last year, will still need to apply the same way and will get on the list straight away as long as they apply promptly. An application form with payment details will be available on the Total Angling web site of which can printed off and completed in full. This year there is a bait reservation part on the form should you wish to secure a bait order for the festival. Full rules and the entry list confirming places will also be on Total Anglings web Site. Again, I have had a huge response and I am sure it will sell out fast. If the demand for places reaches more than 72 for this festival, I will increase the entry further next year. There will be a reserve list in place should anyone drop out. Tickets are not transferable. I am really looking forward to another great festival.

Andy Jones

Entry Form

 Download the Entry Form

Confirmed list Confirmed Competitiors List

Reserve List Reserve List


Competition  Rules

Overall results will be based on points

Points are allocated as follows –

There are 6 sections each containing 12 anglers with 2 sections in each draw zone, the winner of each section is awarded 1 point, the second angler in the section gets 2 points etc,

The winner of the competition will be the angler with the fewest points at the conclusion of the competition. In the event of a tie the result will decided on section placings  first then on weight.

Pike, Zander and game fish do NOT count.

All anglers must sign to confirm their match weight after they are weighed  in at the end of each  match.


The match is  split into 3 draw zones, Yellow (County Ground), Blue (Quarry Top) & Red (Quarry Top) and the order of draws is as follows -


 Day 1 Draw : Yellow

 Day 2 Draw : Blue

 Day 3 Draw :  Red

 Day 1 Draw : Blue

 Day 2 Draw : Red

 Day 3 Draw : Yellow

 Day 1 Draw :  Red

 Day 2 Draw : Yellow

 Day 3 Draw : Blue


Day 1’s draw will be made from 1 bucket.

Day’s 2 & 3 will be drawn from 3 separate buckets.

Fishing Times :  11-00am to 4-00pm    Match Head Quarters:  To be confirmed on ticket

Weighing In

All anglers will be weighed in by Shrewsbury Match officials.


County Ground , Frankwell Car Park(canoe ramp area) and Quarry - Access to park behind most pegs with a charge of £10 for the three days.

Cash Prize Distribution

All prizes will be handed out at the end of the festival, a buffet will be provided, the breakdown of prizes is as follows based on 72 anglers fishing –

Entry Fee 72 X £110 = £7920

Pegs Fees, Admin & Buffet 72 X £15 = £1080

6 peg sections @ £60 (12 per day) 36 X £60 = £2160

12 peg section payouts @ £120 (6 per day) 18 X £120 = £2160

Daily Winner 3 X £180 = £540

Overall placing (1st £650, 2nd £450, 3rd £350, 4th £250, 5th £180,6th 100) = £1980



Tackle Prizes

There will be tackle prizes awarded  to  all section winners for each day and for  final place winners. These prizes are in addition to the cash prizes and supplied generously by our sponsors Matrix, Preston Innovations, Sonu  Baits, Daiwa, Sensas, Garbolino, Shakespeare, Map, Drennan, Maver, Browning and Dinsmores.(To be confirmed)