Korda Leads Swivel 1oz - 3oz

Korda leads have been developed over years of field testing to ensure there is a lead to suit every fishing situation you may encounter and to maximise every hooking each time your hook is picked up.

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GRIPPA LEADS:- You can use these leads anywhere that you need more grip, like rivers, on the sides of bars or marginal slopes. 
The Grippas have become massively popular on the continent where carping in wide fast flowing rivers is the norm and where you have to boat out baits massive distances.


FLAT PEAR:- The classic pear lead will cast a long way and it is less affected by cross winds because the shape is very condensed. 
The pear lead is also ideal in a solid PVA bag because it can be pushed down into one of the corners. This makes the bag nose heavy and so more accurate.


TOURNAMENT CASTING:- As the name suggests this lead is designed purely for casting long distances, the nose heavy design makes it very stable indeed and also keeps the lead condensed giving good hooking efficiency.


SQUARE PEAR:- These leads have been designed exclusively for fishing on a hard gravel bottoms, the most condensed shape of all is a ball, but a ball could possibly roll around before the full weight is felt so Korda chose to put 4 flat sides onto the ball and gently taper the back to avoid tangles. An appropriate name that summed up the lead, was of course THE SQUARE PEAR.


DUMPY PEAR:- The classic pear lead will cast a long way, almost as far as the Distance Casting and it is less affected by cross winds because the shape is very condensed.
The pear lead is ideal in a solid PVA bag because of it's dense, compact shape and is also the ideal lead for "Leading Around" when doing some quick feature finding using your Carp Rod instead of a dedicated Marker Rod set up.

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