Drennan In-Line Method Feeder

Drennan In-Line Method Feeder

This new Drennan In-Line Method Feeder is designed to improve both casting distance and accuracy. Use in conjunction with the bait mould, you get perfectly shaped groundbait mouldings every time. Also supplied is connector for quick changing hooklink.

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Both the lead in the flat base and the bait load of the Drennan flat bed feeder bias the weight into an aerodynamic bomb shape, improving casting distance and accuracy.

The two ribs at the front of the feeder are spaced apart to provide an area for placing the bait, without fear of it being trapped between them. This area also aligns with a recess in the mould for perfect positioning every time.

Used in conjunction with the easy release bait mould, you can achieve perfectly shaped groundbait or pellet mouldings every time.

The special loop to loop connector provided allows quick change of the hooklink.

Available in small size, light (15g) or heavy (25g), or large size, light(25g) or heavy (35g).

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