Gardner ATTx V2 Receiver & Transmitter System

Comes in 2.5mm,3.5mm jack plug sizes to suit most alarms.Just as a guide,Delkims are 3.5mm everything else is usually 2.5mm.

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Product Description

This V2 system not only refines and improves on V1, but Gardner have introduced a few new features. 

The V2 ATTX system has been developed and built to be forward compatible with future ATT products which are currently under development. The new products will have the new Rubberised Finish

Both the receiver and transmitter now come in a soft touch non-reflective rubberised finish.
Improved Battery Life on Receiver and Transmitter
The V2 receiver is powered from a single 1.5 volt type “AA” battery (V1 uses 3 AAA batteries ), providing a battery life of up 3 weeks of normal use for 25p.

The V2 transmitter is powered from a single 6 volt type “GP11A” battery, lasting up to 1 season of normal use.

Mimics Alarm Beeps
The V2 receiver will beep at the same rate at which signals are received by the transmitters (from the buzzer output), thereby sounding anything from a single bleep to a full-blown 'one-toner'.
Low Battery Warning
The receiver now has a low battery warning feature.
Improved Range and Performance
Under optimum bankside conditions, the new system has been tested up to 500m. This guarantees good signal range in the worst swims.
Multiple Tone Selection on the Receiver
V2 receiver comes with 10 different user selectable tones.
Activation on all LEDs
If you receive 2 or more simultaneous runs, the corresponding LEDs will be light up simultaneously.
Full ATT Warranty
The system is covered by a full ATT 2 year warranty.
Improved Transmitter Design
The transmitter has been re-designed to offer a smaller battery recess cover. The electronic circuitry is encased in it's own watertight compartment to prevent the risk of water ingress, transmitter corrosion and any resultant malfunction.

Compatibility with new products
The V2 system was built to be compatible with new ATT products currently under development. This may well include other manufacturers products.
Increased LED 'light Up' time
LEDs will remain on for 30 seconds after the last buzzer signal is received from the transmitter.
Last LED Activation Recall
Indicates the last LED that was lit up.

NOTE: The V1 & V2 systems cannot be used interchangeably, i.e. V1 transmitters will ONLY work with V1 receivers & vice versa.
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Additional Information
Manufacturer Gardner
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