Mainline Baits Base Mix Activator Liquids

A range of dedicated liquid activators that kick start all the active ingredients in to life thats adds another dimension to the attractivness of the Mainline Boilie range.

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Product Description

Once combined, the Cell becomes ‘Active’ giving off highly attractive and powerful feeding signals to the carp.

We do not recommend the inclusion of any other flavour or attractors to be added at the mixing stage, as these will detract from the effectiveness of the bait itself.

The latest food source bait to join the already established list of dedicated freezer baits; Hybrid has taken expectation levels to new heights where fish response is concerned. The results enjoyed by our team of field testers and consultants have been phenomenal! 

The Hybrid Activator is the essential and only ‘liquid food’ required when rolling Hybrid boilies from our dedicated base mix - comprising of all the vital liquid ingredients to initiate the baits active reaction and response once in the lake.

High in attraction this liquid food ‘Activator’ is designed purely for use in conjunction with the Hybrid base mix and therefore should be used only as recommended for maximum effect.

Containing all the necessary liquid ingredients to initiate the chain reaction needed to ‘kick start’ the New Grange base mix into action...

High in attraction and liquid food source the ‘Activator’ should be used only as recommended for maximum effect. Designed purely for use in conjunction with the New Grange base mix, in the recommened quantities.

As the name suggests, the Activ-8 base mix has eight active ingredients with inclusion of the ‘Activator’ being the final additive that makes the whole system gel into a highly attractive and effective bait combination…

Our dedicated base mix and ‘Activator’ combination makes for yet another simple and easy to roll mix, without any worries regarding the catching ability of this highly successful fishing bait.

The Activator is the only liquid additive required when mixed with the base mix and it is recommended that our guideline inclusion levels be maintained. 

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