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This is, in fact, a nutritional medicine intended for human use and formulated to assist digestion and nutrition in those patients suffering from eating disorders and poor digestion of their food.It is pure to BP standards and is based upon the well-known nutritional aid Phosphorylcolamine. It is a strong smelling red liquid which contains extracts of fresh liver, spleen, amino acids and vitamins and minerals.

It is a complex food in its own right and will add enormously to the nutritional signal and digestibility of your bait Being pre-digested it is also very easily assimilated by the carp and, as such, forms a vitalpart of any long term food bait. Unlike other liquid foods, Multimino-PPC does not contain a built-in sweetener which makes it unique in its field. We do not believe there is any limit to the inclusion rate, other than the depth of your pocket, but levels of between 15 and 25ml per 16oz/500g seem to be highly effective.

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Additional Information
Manufacturer Wychwood
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