Sonubaits Groundbait And Method Mix Range 2kg Bags

Sonubaits Groundbait And Method Mix Range 2kg Bags

Sonubaits 2kg Groundbait and Method Mix range. Award winning baits at affordable prices!

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Sonubaits is at the very forefront of modern bait design, delivering innovative ranges of baits with the help of a world class team of match, carp and specimen anglers.

50/50 Natural & Dark uses a blend of crushed pellets and fishmeals with a higher density and oil content to create a mix that is not only heavy, but binds in a way that helps it get to the bottom on deeper venues.

Bloodworm Groundbait is packed with flavours and attractants. In testing, this bait has produced amazing results, often outscoring other baits. The groundbait can be used on the Method Feeder, in a Cage Feeder or even on the pole. It's texture and contents make it an extremely versatile.

Bream Feeder is golden yellow in colour which is traditionally associated with bream, the main reason for this is it stands out better on the bed of a lake or river especially when you put plenty of groundbait in to create a feeding area. In addition to the colour it had to have a few heavy particles in, as these really hold the bream in the swim as they sift through the groundbait in search of food items.

Cheesy Garlic. This groundbait stinks! FACT! And the fish absolutely love it!!! A combination of crushed halibut pellets and hemp make this oily, fishy mix irresistible to big fish. Primarily used by barbel anglers, this mix can be mixed slightly over wet to get a sticky consistency. Used in a feeder, the smell leaks down stream and draws barbel from way down river, up to your hookbait.

Hemp & Hali Crush is made using 95% Hemp and Halibut pellets crushed together. There are large particles of bait in the mix to provide a high food content for the fish and with the smaller particles creating the feeding zone and the larger particles to keep the fish grubbing around for the food content the fish stay in the feeding area for longer.

Super Carp Method Mix has high levels of feed attractors and food value which brings fish into your swim. It mixes up very easily and because of its binding properties creates a sticky mix to which other particles such as pellets, corn or broken boilies can be added.

Spicy Meaty Method Mix is an all round groundbait perfect for targeting specimen fish such as carp, bream, tench and barbel.

Explosive Feeder is a modern feeder mix which is based on hemp and fishmeal. Due to the particle sizes it explodes out of the feeder providing a perfect feeding area. The speed at which it comes out of the feeder means you can very quickly build a swim with regular casts.

F1 Natural, Dark & Green has been developed for catching F1’s and commercial carp, F1 has proven to be a revolution in modern fishmeal based groundbaits. It has also proven to be very successful with skimmers too. By adding a unique blend of sweet attraction to a blend of fishmeals and crushed pellets we have created a groundbait which starts catching from the whistle.

Maggot Fishmeal really is a true all rounder. Maggots really are an all-round bait and they have been responsible for catching millions of fish over the course of time. Integrating them into ground bait, fresh maggots have been dried and crushed to form the key ingredient in this mix. Catches on this ground bait have already exceeded expectations.

Margin Carp, a groundbait designed specifically for catching big carp in the margins. We have created a groundbait which not only draws the carp to the margins but also keeps them there as even if the fish kicks up the groundbait, the majority of it will drop back down in the same area rather than being washed away.

Match Method Mix Natural & Dark is a proven fish catcher! It is a blend of crushed pellets and additives and has seen match and pleasure angler alike take huge bags of fish. A winner for Carp, Bream and Tench it is at home on a method feeder or with a pole cup.

Supercrush Expander groundbait is made from top grade expander pellets and crushed into a fine mix, a great attractor without filling the fish up.
A light groundbait, it forms a fine carpet across the bottom, which holds fish for hours. Top match anglers swear by crushed expanders for carp, f1s and bream, so this mix really does make the perfect addition to any mix, or simply used on its own.

Supercrush Green is a unique blend of crushed Koi Pellets with added attractors such as betaine.

Supercrush Krill is an award winning groundbait that combines the powerful attraction of top quality ground krill with the blend of ingredients that holds the fish in the swim.

Tiger Fish groundbait is a blend of Tiger Nuts, pellets and fishmeals crushed into a groundbait for carp. It’s a sweet-smelling mix and the crushed Tiger Nuts releases their natural sugars and oils which help the mix go sticky when mixed with water.

Worm Fishmeal groundbait contains ground pellets, fishmeal and dried earthworms, drying worms concentrates and intensifies the flavour. Perfect for all species of fish.

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